Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm back!!!

After a long leave of absence I have returned. I have a list of on-going Provo ceasefire violations as long as your arm and intend exposing them for the violent fascists that they really are! Watch this space!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Attempted Murder of Greenisland Protestants

The Orange Hall at Greenisland was petrol-bombed by Provo supporting thugs. Yet again the minority Protestant population of Whitewell have been subjected to violence at the hands of Sinn Fein/IRA Bully boys. It was a miracle nobody was killed.

Slab Murphy's Property Empire Under Scrutiny

I am pleased to see that Thomas "Slab" Murphy - South Armagh Provo leader's empire is being scrutinised by the Assest Recovery Agency. This is a man who has profitted enormously from the IRA's evil campaign of genocide down through the years.

Readers will of course be aware that Mr. Murphy contested in court claims that he was an IRA leader and lost - he has been tried and found guilty of being a member of the murderous IRA. I hope the ARA uncover the full details of his criminality.


Friday, September 16, 2005

McCartney Family threatened yet again!

It transpires that the good old boys of the IRA are up to their old tricks again. Yet again the McCartney family have claimed that they have been subjected to intimidation and threats at the hands of the local hardmen in Short Strand.

Mr. McCartney's partner Bridgeen Hagans had her home picketed by a mob of the usual old Provo-supporting slappers that inhabit the place. This latest incident is proof positive that the IRA and their vile coterie of supporters are intent on continuing criminal control and threatening behaviour.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Patterson Highlights Republican Provocation

Belfast Councillor Ruth Patterson has claimed that Republicans are attempting to stir up inter-communal tensions in the Finaghy area of South Belfast. She made her claim after the Finaghy Bowling Club was attacked with painted and daubed in sectarian graffiti including the slogan "IRA".

Those despicable creatures responsible should be hunted down and prosecuted. Finaghy Bowling Club is used by everyone in this settled mixed community. It will be interesting to see if South Belfast MLA, Alex Maskey condemns the attack - somehow I doubt it.

West Bank Unionists - Still Under Siege

DUP Assembly Member William Hay has called for the installation of CCTV Cameras to protect the Fountain estate in Londonderry from Further sectarian attacks. I fully concur with Mr. Hay's demand. It is long-past time that those responsible for these nightly attacks against the Protestant enclave are brought to book for their disgraceful behaviour.

The Fountain is all that is left of a Protestant population that once numbered well-over 10,000 Protestant people who lived on the West Bank of the Foyle. They were driven out by Provo violence: this last community must be afforded some protection.

Provo-cation Fails in Belfast

One of the highlights of the marching season is the annual "Black Saturday", when members of the Royal Black Preceptory take to the streets to commemoraste and celebrate their culture. The "Black" has long been regarded as the most senior and well-turned out of the Loyal Orders.

It is a grat shame therefore that Republicans in Belfast City Centre attempted to provoke members of the Order into confrontation on Saturday. A mob of Provo-supporters from the Markets gathered at the bottom of Franklin Street, waiving Irish Tricolours and shouting vicous sectarian abuse. Thankfully, RBP members ignored these pathetic bigots and conducted themselves with dignity and decourum on the day.


Friday, August 26, 2005

Ageing Orangeman Highlights Government Bias

Todays Newsletter covers a very moving story in relation to an Orangeman in East Belfast facing prosecution for taking part in a parade to commemorate two UDR soldiers murdered by the IRA.

Hugh Hamilton, 64, said "I'm devastated, my wife will be a year dead on September 13th, my family were shattered because of her death, and the last thing I needed was to be cautioned by a policeman for the first time in my life in February. I'm 64 years of age and I have never had to be spoken to by a policeman before. All I was doing was taking part in a legal parade to commemorate two dead colleagues who were murdered by the IRA.

It is really hard to take, especially when you think of whats going on in this country at the minute, with Sean Kelly, who murdered men, women and children, being released. He is running around and yet they have the nerve to caution me for taking part in a memorial service...where's the justice?"


Fifteenth Republican Rioter Lifted!

I am pleased to see that charges have been brought against another person in relation to the murderous, Provo-orchestrated riot at Ardoyne. This incident demonstrated more than any other so far this year, the sheer hatred of Unionist culure which pervaides Republicanism and those who vote for it.

The individual in question is fifteen years old - no doubt a vile steek, with nothing better to do than hurl bricks at the PSNI and any passing Protestant.


Thursday, August 25, 2005

McDowell is absolutely on the money!

Republic of Ireland Justice Minister Michael McDowell is absolutely spot on when he states that the IRA Army Council must have organised and sanctioned (a) the actions of the Columbia Three when they went to the South American country to train narco-terrorists and (b) the scheme whereby the three terrorists were smuggled back in to the Republic.

It is incumbent upon the Republic to demonstrate that the bad old days of the country acting as a safe-haven for murderers and criminals are over. These "men" should be deported back from whence they came.

"Restorative Justice" schemes to receive government funding

I have never bought in to the concept of "restorative justice". In a Northern Ireland context it is simply another mechanism whereby local hardmen can exert yet more influence over the communities in which they operate.

It is disgraceful therefore that government should be proposing to throw tax-payers money at setting up and sustaining such schemes in Ulster.

What we need is EFFECTIVE, ZERO-TOLERANCE POLICING to crack down on anti-social behaviour, not paramiltary tribunals, headed up by some despicable ex-con.

You couldn't make it up!

Following hot on the heels of the raft of concessions handed over to the Provos in exchange for the IRA's words, todays News Letter headlines a story which will leave many people wondering has the world gone completely mad.

It has emerged that Government is now considering alowing "former" members of paramilitary organisations, including the IRA, to join the PSNI. At a time when Provos are orchestrating systematic attacks against vulnerable Unionists in North Belfast and Cluan Place and when so-called Loyalists are busying themselves trying to wipe each other out (not that that would be so bad) it defies all logic for government to be making concessions such as this.

This announcement demonstrate that this government has no moral rectitude whatsoever and that Tony B-Liar and his ministers are nothing but a bunch of simpering, two-faced hypocrites.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

IRA Murder Threat Highlighted By SDLP MLA

SDLP Chair and Lagan Valley MLA Patricia Lewsley has challenged Sinn Fein over death threats made by the IRA to a West Belfast youth wrongly accused of the recent rape in the area.

Ms Lewsley stated:“Bernard Dorrian is a deeply disturbed young man. He is a paranoid schizophrenic and is in need of proper medical care and assistance.“There is no doubt that Bernard has been involved in anti-social behaviour – due in no small part to his mental problems. What he has not been involved in is the recent horrific rape in West Belfast. Yet IRA members have gone about the area spreading the malicious rumour that he is the rapist. And on 10 August Bernard’s family were warned by the PSNI that the IRA intend to murder him.

“Bernard’s family brought him to the PSNI – who ran a DNA test which confirmed that Bernard could not have been the rapist. That’s no surprise – he does not even remotely match the rapist’s description. But because he has had run-ins with the local IRA, they have a vendetta against him."

Yet more evidence that the murderous IRA are still engaged in intimidation, threatening behaviour and are determined to maintain a vice-like grip over the communities in which they operate.

Octogenarian Cancer Patient Paint Bombed by Republicans.

Just how low can these people go? The news that the home an elderly man living in Hesketh Park, North Belfast who suffers from cancer was paint-bombed will sicken all right-thinking people. This is part of the continuing republican campaign to intimidate Unionists out of the interface areas that they (the Provos) created.

Sickening as this attack is, the silence from Sinn Fein/IRA is deafening. After their weeks of bleating (inaccurately) about the "lack" of condemnation from DUP representatives over the attacks carried out in North Antrim by so-called Loyalists, I look forward to hearing the SF/IRA condemnation of this disgusting incident, carried out by their supporters.

I wont hold my breath....